Trauma and PTSD

  • Evidence Based treatment for trauma
  • Process the impacts of trauma
  • Learn coping tools to manage triggers and feel safe in your body
  • Promote post-traumatic growth
Child’s Escalating Behavior

Experts in the field

The experts at Psychology Houston are comprehensively trained in gold standard treatments with years of experience in successfully treating trauma and PTSD. Therapies include Prolonged Exposure, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and EMDR. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to you, your needs and treatment goals. Treatment will be geared to helping you adaptively process the adverse experiences that have led to trauma to unburden you as much as possible from their negative effects.

We will work to cultivate an atmosphere of safety to facilitate your therapeutic work. With careful attention to your needs, we will honor your courage to face your trauma, and work with you to help you heal.

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