Grief, Loss, and Difficult Life Transitions

  • We are all built to overcome challenges and heal.
  • Grief counseling is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Evidence-based individual and family-based care and support
  • Processing and skill building directed toward healing and living a meaningful life.

Experts in the field

The experts at Psychology Houston are leaders in the field of grief, loss, and managing difficult life transitions, providing direct clinical care, giving workshops and talks, and responding to crises to serve our community.

Adjusting to loss and other challenging life transitions can be painful and difficult. Grief is a natural and healthy response to any loss or transition that severs connections, a sense of safety or stability. Life transitions range from the passing of a loved one or beloved pet, to the literal loss of a cherished and irreplaceable item, a job, career, dreams and aspirations, our health, family conflict, divorce, separations, or other adverse experiences.

Grief is as unique as our fingerprints. There is no set way. No time limit. The myriad of feelings encompassed by the grief process do not fit neatly into stages. How we experience grief depends on the type of loss or life transition, our relationship to them, personality traits, past experiences, social support, etc.

In an evidence-based, supportive and compassionate manner, we will work together with you to support you in moving through the challenges you are facing. We will identify what is unique to you and your situation, assist you in processing your thoughts and feelings, supporting you in acquiring new coping skills to help manage waves of grief, and ultimately to help you find meaning to move forward with more love than pain. We will also work on assisting you to learn self-compassion skills to help you cope along the way.

Traumatic Loss and Grief

We specialize in working with bereaved individuals who have experienced traumatic losses, such as deaths due to suicide or homicide, death of a child, or losses caused by other types of sudden, tragic circumstances (car accidents, etc.).

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